The Turboflame® VFlame©adapts the features of Ranger's parallel twin laser flames directed to a single point. This delivers  a powerful and concentrated flame reaching temperatures up to 1300C. Ideal for jobs that require an accurate heat in a short burst.  Turboflame’s “clean burn” technology means it can also melt synthetic materials without depositing black carbon, so outdoor equipment can be quick fixed without discoloration. Capable of burning at any angle, even upside down, these adaptable lighters provide safe ignition for just about anything. In addition, there is a gas level indicator, a lanyard attachment point and safety cap. The VFlame© can be used to light camping stoves, light hexi in seconds, shrink wire joints, patch fiberglass, solder metal, soften P-tex, melt plastic, seal fly ties, seal rope, blast rust, cut lines and more. Turboflame® lighters work up to altitudes of 10,000ft and do not “self-combust” at high altitudes. Available in Matte Olive and Desert Tan.

  • 1300c (2500f) VFLAME – light HEXI blocks in seconds, cut and seal para-rope, solder metal, fuse wire joints, heat seized bolts, thaw frozen locks, hot melt polyethylene and ski p-tex.
  • TWIN LASER JET VFLAME © – Two laser jet flames directed to a single point, delivering a powerful flame that is both wind resistant and accurate. Ideal for jobs that require an intense and powerful heat in a short burst.
  • CLEAN BURN FLAME – doesn’t scorch or carbonise equipment and allows repair glue and wax to adhere more strongly.
  • MULTI-ANGLE FLAME – can light upside down and reach those tricky areas.
  • FAR REACHING FLAME – Tip of the intense VFlame©  burns objects over 2 inches away allowing to save your finger tips.
  • FLIP SAFETY CAP – Keeps the burners clean and allows easy one hand operation.
  • FUEL VIEW WINDOW – To monitor the butane gas level in the lighter.
  • LANYARD ATTACHMENT POINT – Great addition to attach a lanyard.
  • WIND RESISTANT FLAME – lights even in the worst weather conditions. 
  • HIGH ALTITIUDE FLAME – works up to 3,000 metres (10,000 ft) without self combusting.

TURBOFLAME® - not just a lighter...an essential outdoor tool©


Well i received my turbo flame military in the post today and to be honnest i surprised at the size of it even though i read the specs it still seemed small.But its actually perfect to fit in your pocket and it lights well igniting any thing you could want to.I have yet to use it for DIY but i have found it cuts through fishing line in a cuple of seconds aswell as nylon rope. I will be taking mine on holiday this year for sure! Brillaint product!
Jamie, from UK north east, reviewed Turboflame Original Soft Rubber Body, on Oct '07

I spend a lot of time shooting and fishing and when a light is required my windproof turbo lighter has never let me down.I have even used it to repair an outboard engine that required electrical connections resoldered.Without it I would have been faced with a long row home.
Andy Clapperton, from Northern Ireland, reviewed Turbo flame GX7, on Nov '06

What can I say that hasn\\\'t been said before. Best lighter couldn\\\'t think of using anything else wether its staring a fire while a gale is blowing or simply just having a smoke in the rain. Great all round lighter!
Matt, from Scarborough, reviewed Turboflame Original Soft Rubber Body, on Apr '11

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