Turboflame Original GX7: Windproof. Powerful 1300c laser jet flame. Lock feature for temporary continuous burning. Safety cap. Ideal as a mini blow torch.

The GX7 burns at any angle - even upside down - and keeps going no matter what the weather is doing. Unique, lock-on safety cap for secure storage and travel.

Im an adventure motorcyclist and there\'s not many lighters which are windproof and hold a decent amount of gas so I say Turboflame is ideal. The locking feature is definitely a bonus for soldering broken sensor wires, heating seized nuts and bolts and warming keys in extreme weather conditions. Oh! if you fall off your bike, you can save the broken part, like the brake pedal, by applying a little heat and bending it back instead of snapping it off.
mike wright, from - the biker, reviewed Turboflame, on Jan '08

24 hours ago I came back from an excercise in Yardley Chase during which my Turbo 2 lit hexamine with 100% reliability in wind and rain. It was of course continuosly borrowed amd praised, especially by a 2nd Lieutenant who had let her own one run out of gas. It survived being dropped in mud and total immersion when I fell in a ditch. When I returned home i threw my filthybcombats straight in the wash. I have just found the turbo 2 in the pocket of the jacket and it lit first time having survived a full cycle of washing and spinning. That is robust!
Hugh Mascetti, from Bishop\\\'s Storford, reviewed Turbo2, on Mar '08

Briliant product, can\'t fault it at all! I am a venture scout and its amazing on camps and I\'m the envy of everyone having one because ITS SO USEFUL! Especially as unlike any other lighters, it works no matter what the weather (stood up to treturous Dartmoor!) and isnt a little bit flimsy. I would recommend it any day 100%. Sadly, it was so great, it got knicked on camp this year :( but well, great product - a def worthwhile buy!
Tom Wild, from Portishead, Bristol, reviewed Pheonix, on Aug '06

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