Military Field Excercise - Review of GX7 Military

We are a small but fine company who develops and sells equipment for military special forces in Germany. Our customers are soldiers who want to improver their equipment. All of our products are tested by Special Forces and soldiers in duty. Our customers can rely on us 100%. We recently tested Turboflame in a field exercise. How should I start.....First of all we were very enthusiastic about the lighter! I have owned many lighters from different companies, for example, Silva, Brunton, Windmill, and other non branded....all have worse burners and most of them are more expensive and less robust. We did nearly everything with the Turboflame Military lighter; throwing it through the streets, swamping it with water, dropping it many times from about 2.5m to the ground burning, lighting many cigarettes and of course lighting real fires (most times for BBQs...its summer ;-)). Turboflame performed all of these tasks very well! Jan, Germany

Darren Farrell and Jac Richardson- Darjac Racing, Colchester

We are a BMW specialist company who repair, tune and race prepare IIM powered BMW saloons. We use the Turbostick Multitask as partof the repairs we carry out onsome plastic parts and wiring harnesses. We often have extensive harness repairs to those vehicles equipped with damper control units. We also add many diagnostic sensors to monitor vehicle functions for track/motor use. This often involves splicing existing wiring harness to add toour own wiring. The Turbostick allows us to repair and shrink sleeve soldered joints even in confined areas. The precision flame does just the job. We have also used it to unsieze the brake fluid nipple on a brake disc caliper. We firmly believe that all serious workshop should have at least one of these tools. It has proved invaluable.

Combat & Survival - Product Review

You've been there - trying to light your stove in a howling gale! Me too, and now I have found an answer. I have had the chance to try out two new lighters. The Turbo flame.....has a longer more powerful laser jet flame. It even works well to light the Trangia stove, where you have to point your flame down into the meths container, not easy with a match on a windy day. (It) has Piezo electric ignition and covers up the important bits when not in use, so looks to be quite sturdy to cope with the rough and tumble of outdoor life. A must have.
Combat & Survival - Product Review

Gun Mart - Product Review

The Turboflame GX7's stablemate is the Turbostik Multi Task Lighter which uses the same ignition system to give an identical laser jet flame. It's a whiz at lighting all sorts of stoves (even meths stoves with their windshields in place), BBQ's etc, where you want extra reach. very sleek in design, the Turbostik has an easy to use flame control on the base and a hanging loop. Both the GX7 and the Turbostik are serious fire-lighters that make ordinary lighters look somewhat sad. It is like comparing a blunt penknife to a Leatherman Wave.

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If you have ever needed to light a fire/stove/BBQ/pipe in less than ideal weather, ie. wind rain, damp snow, you know, normal British weather, then you will probably have discovered the limitations and frustrations of a normal lighter or matches. The Turbo flame lighter is more like a mini blowlamp than a normal lighter. It puts forth a flame that is hot, does not blow around and is powerful enough to shoot horizontally. Try that with a normal lighter. If you use it to light your ciggies be very careful. The laser jet flame is stupendous and can cut through nylon rope and plastic sheet like a thermic lance! Cutting and sealing cord has never been easier and the Turbo flame even survives a good dunking. All told, Turboflame is a powerful tool and is a good addition to your repair kit.
Canoeist  - Product Test

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This precision blow torch is the first household lighter to combine cutting edge technology with contemporary design. So whether he's slaving over the fire in winter or BBQ in summer, he won't be able to use 'the matches are soggy' excuse for his fire-building incompetence.

Summit - magazine of the British Mountaineering Council

Small enough to pop on your key ring, yet hot enough to solder with, this is ideal for cutting rope, spot heating plastic, canoe patching, and burning your friends arm with. Perfect.
Summit - magazine of the British Mountaineering Council


Best lighters i have ever owened, first one lasted for 2 years before being broken by accident and a spade, 2nd lasted 2 years and was stolen at Reading festival and last one lasted me a year and lost at workhouse festival, in process of buying a new one now.
graham, from Gloucester, reviewed Turboflame.

A great lighter, just got it today and it wores perfectly. it even burns through the wire in my electric fence, i figure that this could be useful inthe future
James Pearce, from Stourbridge, reviewed Turboflame Original Soft Rubber Body.

What a piece! Very nice design! Im going to use my Turbo flame ARC in my kitchen, to burn the suger on top of my creme catalana and to use it as a lighter..yeah light the dinner lights with it...It sure goes fast, to light em!
Matias Zakrisson, from Sweden, reviewed Turb flame Arc.

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