Outdoor Lighters
Excellent for outdoor use - Camping, Barbecues, Climbing, Festivals and Expeditions

The "Great Outdoors" are where the windproof TurboFlame lighters really out-perform other lighters. While traditional lighters and matches blow out again and again, TurboFlame lighters stand up to even the most direct strong gusts.

TurboFlame outdoor lighters have been praised over and over again by customers ranging from festival-goers and hikers to mountain climbers and weekends campers. The key factors in their satisfaction seem to be the build quality, wind resistance, and lighting under extreme circumstances. Customers also mention that TurboFlame lighters being used in the outdoors tend to resist being dropped, splashed and even left outside for long periods of time.

One Turbolighter customer contacted us to explain his experience with the Turbo 2 Lighter after climbing Ben Nevis:

" TurboFlame is the best windproof lighter i've ever had - I never though it was possible to get a light on the top of Great Gable at a time when the wind was so strong I had to use my walking pole to keep my balance: and on top of Ben Nevis in horizontal snow. "

An additional feature of Turbo Flame is that it incorporates ‘clean burn’ technology which means it can melt synthetic materials without depositing black carbon so equipment can be quickly fixed without discolouration.


Outdoor lighter uses

Outdoor enthusiasts include Turboflame in their emergency kits to melt p-tex, seal micro - cracks in boards and canoes, cut and seal nylon rope and blast rust from metal.

They have been tested to work up to 3000 metres and some customers report that, unlike cheaper disposable lighters, they do not ‘self-combust’ at high altitudes. All in all, Turbo flame is the perfect accompaniment to the pocket-knife and flashlight - a must for any outdoor survival kit.

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