Light your fire with our latest addition -
Turboflame ® Multi Task ‘Soft Grip’.
Its ergonomic styling has a texturised non slip rubberised handle which makes handling easy and its extra large gas tank means you don’t have to refill too often either.

Lighting hard-to reach places, such as pilot lights, BBQ’s, candles and lanterns, has never been so effortless than with Turbo Flame’s point and shoot flame that burns dead straight - even upside down. Try that with you’re your regular lighter!

You can use Turbo flame for a variety of indoor tasks too- flambé your pudding or (our favourite) blast sensitive credit card information off sales receipts in
one quick action.

With its designer styling, contemporary colours, and child safety ignition, the Multi Task ‘Soft Grip’ makes the perfect addition to your camping or kitchen kit.

Im an adventure motorcyclist and there\'s not many lighters which are windproof and hold a decent amount of gas so I say Turboflame is ideal. The locking feature is definitely a bonus for soldering broken sensor wires, heating seized nuts and bolts and warming keys in extreme weather conditions. Oh! if you fall off your bike, you can save the broken part, like the brake pedal, by applying a little heat and bending it back instead of snapping it off.
mike wright, from - the biker, reviewed Turboflame, on Jan '08

As an RAF Survival Instructor, I trust things to work first time and keep working, with the Turbo flame this is always the case. Ive had my military Turboflame for over 4 years and its never let me down. When iam doing fire demos for students in howling winds it works every time and will pretty well light anything, always a good thing when your trying to impress students. I dread the day I go to instruct a survival course and forget my Turboflame, if I ever have to go back to rubbing sticks together Iam in trouble, with Turboflame you are literally spoilt rotten.
Sgt P, from Leicestershire, reviewed Turboflame, on Nov '11

I bought my turbo flame lighter only yesterday in an army surplus shop, but i have managed to complete all off the soldering jobs which needed doing. Awesome product
joe amos, from oxford, reviewed Turbo flame GX7, on Oct '06

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